Real & Raw is my specialty.

Prioritizing the candid moments that make you FEEL!

Your story is magical, inspiring and I'd love to help you share it through my lens. It's about capturing your teary-eyed belly laughs, true smiles, & yes, even the RBFs. If this sounds fun, lets chat!

passionate . timeless . authentic .


Hey, I'm Kammy. Your new storyteller. I am so happy you're here & checking out my work. If only you could see the excitement on my face right now (hmmm. second thought, maybe not lol)! We're jumping into a few things to kick off getting to know me a little bit better:

  1. I am ALL about you my friend - I am dedicated to bring your vision to life whatever that may be. (& of course, if you're stuck, we'll definitely work on this together)
  2. I embrace authenticity & raw emotions to capture timeless candid moments while offering direction & guidance where/when needed.
  3. You are the writer of your own story. I'm here just to tell it... not influence it... well maybe to help you genuinely laugh! Other than that, I want to be able to showcase you, the REAL YOU!

Besides those fun things, I am a mama bear of 3 rambunctious boys who currently lives on Maui. I'm originally from another small island called Molokai but I have been here for the past 10+ years. Photography has been a nice escape from the robust lifestyle I currently live & I truly enjoy every one of my sessions.

Currently serving Maui but I will travel to wherever you need me.
The Vibe

I am here for you - expect laughs & a genuine connection from the start. I love shooting with music (any music I might add). It has helped so many of my clients calm their nerves in front of my camera. We will have fun!

Editing Style

Every session is different. However, my approach to editing is more of a warm & moody feel. I love adding warm temperatures & a darker contrast to the photos. I also include grainy, black & white photos that adds a nice touch to your final gallery.

Posing Prompts

The fun part. I'll give some basic ideas to help guide you but I try to let the session run its course - meaning, I let you go with the flow instead of harsh poses to capture authentic emotions.